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Why Gift Giving Is So Hard

It happened again.

You forgot their birthday (wedding, anniversary, holiday...etc etc).

Maybe you didn't really forget...maybe you just didn't know what to give. Or maybe it wasn't within your budget to give a gift to that person. Or maybe you did get them a gift but you didn't get it in time and you're now embarrassed to be giving someone a gift late. Whatever the reason, gift giving can be tough.

There are all kinds of reasons and excuses we can come up with as to why we don't give someone a gift but the fact of the matter is, giving a gift says so much more than we think. It reassures those we love that we're thinking about them and that they're a priority in our lives. It tells those we love that you really do know what they like and are interested in. It tells those you love that you care and that you truly do love them.

Giving a gift is hard because we want to give someone a gift that packages all of these feelings and emotions towards that person (and more) into an object or experience. That's not always possible but it is worth the effort and the thought really does count - it's what makes gift giving special.

So the next time you're thinking of the perfect gift for someone, remember that a gift may actually come as quality time. It may also come as thoughtful words, or it may even come in the form of service or a massage/pedicure/manicure.

However it comes, make sure those you love feel your love on their special day.

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