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No need for another app you'll never use.


Sign up here to simplify your gift giving.


Fill out the form and tell us a little more about those with an upcoming special occasion.


We'll call them your 'VIP.'


As your VIP's special occasion approaches, we set you up with timely and Actionable Reminders that include personalized gift ideas and fun, unique ways to celebrate.


Everyone is different.


That's why we give you a number of ways to recognize and celebrate those you love.


You decide how!



What is an Actionable Reminder?

An Actionable Reminder is much more than a reminder you set on your phone and dismiss.

An Actionable Reminder is a reminder that promotes or encourages action by making the next step super simple. In this case, we're trying to help you to find and buy the perfect gift in time for your VIP's upcoming Special Occasion so our Actionable Reminders come with a link to personalized gift ideas that we have curated just for you!

How close to a VIP's Special Occasion can I sign up?

We require at least 30 days of lead time to curate personalized gift ideas for your VIP.

For example, if your VIP's Special Occasion is June 30th, you would need to sign-up before June 1st to be eligible to receive personalized gift ideas for that VIP.

How many personalized gift ideas will I get for each VIP?

We will provide you with 15 personalized gift ideas based on your responses in our sign-up form.

The first 5 personalized gift ideas will come no less than 10 days before a VIP's Special Occasion,
the next 5 will come no less than 7 days before a VIP's Special Occasion and 
the last 5 will come no less than 5 days before a VIP's Special Occasion.

Pro tip: the more detail you provide about your VIP when signing-up, the better, more personalized gift ideas we can provide. 

When will I get the personalized gift ideas for my VIP?

If you have completed our sign-up form and provided the minimum required information on your VIP,
we will send you your first batch of personalized gift ideas no less than 10 days before a Special Occasion. We will send you additional gift ideas no less than 7 days and no less than 5 days before a Special Occasion.

What is the service I am paying for?

The service we provide is two-fold. 

1. We provide you with a list of personalized gift ideas for your VIP's upcoming Special Occasion based on your responses in the sign-up form.

2. We send you timely and Actionable Reminders leading up to your VIP's Special Occasion with these personalized gift ideas to encourage you to find and buy the perfect gift for your VIP.

The fee we charge helps us to cover our overhead in finding you the perfect gift and making sure you get timely and Actionable Reminders with these personalized gift ideas. 

How do I sign up for multiple VIPs?

For now we have one sign-up form. Please click on the "Sign Up Now!" button in the menu for each VIP you would like to receive timely and Actionable Reminders (with personalized gift ideas) for.

What do you do with the data you collect?

GIV does not share or sell any personal or private information.

We hold any and all information in strict confidence in accordance with the evolving privacy laws and assure you that any information provided in this form will not be used by 3rd parties or for any purpose other than providing you with the best, most personalized gift ideas.

Do you work with any affiliate sites?

We do, however not all of our personalized gift ideas are through our affiliate networks.
Although we are a business, we are dedicated to finding you the perfect gift, even if it falls outside of our affiliate network.

I can't spend much on a gift. Do you provide any free or cheap ways to celebrate people on their special occasion?

We do! We understand now more than ever the importance of giving on a budget. Not only do we ask for your budget for a gift in our sign up form, but if you sign up we also provide you with ideas for free and cheap ways to celebrate those you love (your VIPs) on their special day.

How much does it cost?

For our initial launch, our service fee for each VIP is discounted to $3.99.
This will be charged at the completion of our sign-up form for each VIP.

To better understand what this service fee covers, please see "What is the serviceI am paying for?" above. 

If you'd like more personalized gift ideas than the standard 15, we're happy help!The cost for this is $1.99 for every 5 additional personalized gift ideas.

Can I share a link with personalized gift ideas with other family and friends?

Of course! Please do! Our goal is to simplify gift giving for everyone.

What if I don't like any of the personalized gift ideas you have provided?

We hope it never comes to this, but we also realize this is a potential reality. We will do everything we can to provide you with the best, most personalized gift ideas for your VIP.

We also realize there is always room for improvement. Please feel free to provide us with feedback and we will do our best to internalize and implement any changes that will help improve your experience with us. 

If we're on the right track with the personalized gift ideas we are suggesting and you would just like more, we're happy to provide increments of 5 additional personalized gift ideas for $1.99.

Thanks for subscribing!


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